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Did you have rheumatic fever, have a congenital heart disease or had a heart valve replacement or a pacemaker fitted?
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Do you have asthma or chronic bronchitis?
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Do you suffer from high blood pressure or take medication to control high blood pressure?
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Very often clinical photography forms part of your treatment planning and progress. These images may be used for the purposes of teaching, website, articles or promotional material, in the UK and abroad. Please tick one of the boxes below to indicate consent for these images to be used: *
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We need at least 48 hours notification if you can't keep an appointment. Failure to do so may result in a professional fee charged at £30 / 10 minutes. IGDP Limited reserves the right not to provide treatment if you arrive late and we need to reschedule your appointment. You may still be charged for this appointment. If we run late with your appointment, we will offer to reschedule your appointment at the earliest opportunity without any cost to you. *