Why is our hygienist so popular?

Ask for Airflow Cleaning

New technology is transforming all areas of the way we live and dentistry is no exception. The innovative air flow polishing technique uses a machine that cleans and polishes the teeth with a mix of water, compressed air and fine powder particles. This method is far superior to traditional cleaning methods that use scraping tools, rubber cups and polishing discs and which can be time-consuming and uncomfortable.

A visit with our hygienist can be a positive and pleasant experience. Our preventive treatments provide all the every day essentials to help you have a clean and healthy mouth. They will ensure that your teeth and gums are maintained for life, so not only will they feel healthy but look beautiful as well giving you the confidence to smile!

As well as removing soft and hard deposits from teeth, we also teach patients how to practice good oral hygiene, and provide other preventive dental care.


Our dental hygienists also help patients develop and maintain good oral health. For example, they may explain the relationship between diet and oral health or inform patients how to select toothbrushes and show them how to brush and floss their teeth.

Our hygienists are extremely gentle and use the latest ultrasonic technology to painlessly take away plaque and calculus deposits.

Teeth Stain Removal
Stained teeth can look dramatically better in just a few minutes. We have the latest technology to remove stains. Unlike older systems where stains had to be ‘scratched’ off, the modern procedure uses a jet of air with minute particles to painlessly remove any staining and at the same time preserves enamel.

Gum Disease Treatment
Your hygienist works in close relationship with the dentists and periodontist, who will prescribe conservative and non-invasive treatment to help you overcome early signs of periodontal disease. Very often this will proof to be so effective that you may never have to see the periodontist again! Prevention and early intervention are the key factors in keeping your mouth healthy.

Fluoride Treatment
The application of fluoride to your teeth is a very effective, cheap and proven way to reduce cavities and tooth sensitivity. Patients of all ages can benefit from fluoride applications. Gone are the days that we have to ‘bathe’ your teeth in an awful-tasting gel. The application of fluoride is easy, pleasant and not in the least a traumatic affair, even for those patients with a strong gag reflex.