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Nothing ages a smile and face more than receding gums. Gum recession can also weaken teeth, causing sensitivity, root damage or even tooth loss.

With the new Pinhole Surgery Technique (PST), receding gums can be stably repaired without the use of traditional surgery that includes cutting, grafting and stitching.

The PST gum recession procedure has been tested over a period of several years with uniformly good and lasting results.

The Pinhole Surgical Technique takes just a few minutes per treated tooth, with virtually no pain and no downtime.

Fast and effective gum recession treatment

The pinhole technique is performed using just a small entry point.

With the new Pinhole Surgical Technique, we can treat all the affected teeth in one session, although patients can also opt for treating just one arch or quadrant at a time. Treatment is done using local anesthetic and treatment time is only one to two hours. Patients typically have needed only a couple of paracetamols post treatment.

Results are stable, with cases maintaining their gum coverage even several years later. 

Gum Recession Consultation

Start on your road to rejuvenated gums with a  free 30 minute* consultation with our Oral Surgeon Dr Jose Fontes.

We will evaluate the extent of the gum recession and any other issues that might need to be handled to prevent gum recession from continuing. You will get treatment plan options and advice on the best path to choose for your specific condition.

*excludes additional exams

Why is gum recession a problem?

What is gum recession?

Gum recession is the term given to the loss of gum tissue along the gum line. It occurs when the gums begin to pull away from the teeth and can be caused by gum disease, the natural process of ageing or abrasive habits during tooth brushing.

When gum recession takes place, the tooth’s root structure is exposed, making the teeth appear longer. As well as the aesthetic implications, gum recession can also affect the teeth along and beneath the gum line, causing issues such as dental decay and sensitivity. As the exposed root is not resistant to wear, significant grooves may start to appear. These problems can potentially cause premature tooth loss.

Healthy gums are essential for a healthy mouth, which is why the team at Islington Green Dental Practice find it incredibly important to treat gum recession for lasting dental wellness.

What is Pinhole Surgical Technique?

The Pinhole Surgical Technique is a minimally invasive gum recession treatment that does not involve incisions or stitches.

Traditional treatments for gum recession require soft tissue grafts to re-build the gum line. This soft tissue would be stitched into place to join with the existing tissue as it healed. Whilst this traditional technique is effective, the Pinhole Surgical Technique creates a better patient experience as it is minimally invasive and doesn’t involve any incisions.


About the Pinhole Surgical Technique

During the Pinhole Surgical Technique, we use a very fine needle to make a small hole in the existing gum tissue. We then use special instruments to gently loosen the gum tissue through the pinhole. The tools we use help to expand the gum line to cover the exposed root structure.